Sushi on the Body: A Guide to Ensuring Safety and Hygiene in Nyotaimori Practice

Risks and precautions related to nyotaimori and health and safety

A fun and unusual event, nyotaimori is the traditional Japanese custom of serving sushi on a model’s body. Before engaging, participants must weigh the dangers to their health and safety. The risks associated with Nyotaimori will be discussed in this article, along with the precautions that may be taken to make the practice secure and hygienic.

Nyotaimori dangers

The possibility of contamination with Nyotaimori is one of the main issues. Like any raw food, sushi has the potential to contain germs and dangerous bacteria that can lead to foodborne illnesses. There is a chance that bacteria from the body of the person wearing the sushi might get into the meal and then onto the one eating it.

Furthermore, the sushi may degrade more quickly due to the model’s body temperature, raising the possibility of contracting a foodborne illness. If the sushi is not placed correctly or if the customer is not cautious when taking the sushi from the model’s body, there is also a risk of harm to the model.

Taking Safe and Hygiene Measures Nyotaimori

Despite the dangers, there are a few easy steps you can take to enjoy Nyotaimori safely and hygienically. The following actions can be done to guarantee a secure and enjoyable Nyotaimori experience:

  1. Pick a reputed eatery or catering business that adheres to rigorous cleanliness standards. Find a restaurant or catering company that employs top-notch, fresh ingredients and has a hygienic prep space.
  2. Verify that the model’s physique is spotless and devoid of any sores or open wounds. Additionally, the model needs to be taught how to have a still stance during the event.
  3. Before arranging the sushi, cover the model’s body with food-grade wax or cellophane. This will lessen the chance of contamination by preventing direct contact between the sushi and the model’s skin.
  4. Only serve fresh, premium sushi that has just been made before the occasion. Use caution when eating sushi that has spent a long time at room temperature.
  5. Use appropriate equipment to remove the sushi off the model’s body, like chopsticks or small plates. To remove the sushi, avoid using your hands or lips.


Even though Nyotaimori can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience, there are several health and safety dangers that should not be disregarded. It is easy to enjoy Nyotaimori safely and hygienically by taking a few simple steps, including as picking a reputable restaurant or catering service, utilizing high-quality ingredients, and using the appropriate tools. Do your homework and take the required steps to ensure a safe and happy experience if you are thinking about taking part in Nyotaimori.